2003 yz450f crankcase interchange with other years

I just got a 2003 yz450f and the kick start holder is broke on the right crankcase.  I know its not advisable to mix and match cases, but i was wondering what years i could use the right crank case from.  I looked on partzilla and the 03 cases are a different part number from the 04-05 cases.  When looking here on thumpertalk they have different old part numbers, but the new part numbers is the same.    Is there something major different about the two or can i use a 03-05 crankcase and be ok?



Not coincidentally, the difference is in the '04-'05 kick starter and shaft assembly.  You can use the later cases, but you'll need to upgrade to the later starter, too.  Not sure about the outside cover as it fits over the shaft. 

I was afraid of that.   I was hoping since TT site said the replacement was for 03-05 it would work, but since Yamaha says different parts i was thinking prolly not my luck.   Is it just the kickstart shaft that is bigger or are the internals different?

Looks like the kick start cover is different according to the part numbers.  Thanks for the heads up, looks like i will be waiting out on finding a 2003 half.

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