slide chipped into the engine

Hi guys,

I have a yz125 03 and last weekend I went ridding like a normally do. It's just a trial ridding nothing special. Suddenly the bike started to idle really high. The only way to drop the revs was to blip the throttle or just keep on riding.


To make the story short - bike ran fine, but when I pulled the slide it was chipped. And I think that part of the slide is now somewhere in my engine...or maybe it has already made its way to the pipe...not sure it's even possible. Here is my question - do I need to split the engine to get that little part or maybe there is another way? I am sure I can't use the magnet. Maybe someone had the similar experience? 



You can try removing the piston and flipping the bike upside down. Rotate the crank and hope for the best but if nothing comes out it doesn't mean there is nothing in there.

Happened to me, never could find it.


I bought a yz125 with a triangular piece missing from the slide...went through the engine and never did find it.  It must have gone all the way through and out.  

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