2008 rmz 250 vs 2006 yz 250f

Hey guys. Im trading my yz 125 for one of these two bikes. In your opinion, which has a better resale and worth more? Which would you take? Rmz has 29 hours on a full rebuild including valves. Yz has new rings and valves. Yz comes with extra rims, swing arm, plastics, chain and sprocket. Rmz doesn't have any "extras". The yz guy wants me to ad 300 dollars. Rmz guy wants to trade straight up. Heres the pics. 






I would be more apt to ride a 450, but with extra wheels and parts, AND RESALE, the Yamaha is a better option.  In fact I'd probably go for the Yamaha because you won't lose your ass when you sell it.  Suzukis tend not to hold their value very well.

Intresting. Also forgot to mention yz guy said it backfires when decelerating and needs front brake line. If I were to sell the rm. right when I got it I could probably get more for it than the yz? thoughts?

Backfiring on decel may mean valve issue.....

and I wouldn't buy a bike that's not perfectly setup. Just my $0.02

Ok. Well I traded for the rmz. Going to sell it now and buy a yamaha. What you think I can get for it? $2300?

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