Used 500 EXC value

I am looking at going to either a XCW300 or Beta 300RR as I don't ride on road at all so I was wondering what I should expect for $$ when I sell my 2015 500 EXC.  Dealer offered me $7000 in trade.  It is in great shape, not beat on at all, 433 miles.  Cycra probend CRM, desmogged, Moose carbon skid plate, 14/50 gearing 2x doubletake mirrors.  I would love to get $8000 if I sold it on my own.  Is that realistic in the midwest??  If so, is craigslist ok, or is there a better place to sell it?

I'm not familiar with your area, but if the dealer is offering you $7k then I would think you should be able to get $8k in a private sale. 

Cycle trader, it costs a few bucks but I have had great success there.

This site can tell u if there similar bikes in your area for sale, and around the country and how much $$ they are selling for.

You should easily get $8000 for it, and most likely u can get more with there popularity, your low miles, and Condition of your bike

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Thats a 9k bike in CA especially norcal

Thats a 9k bike in CA especially norcal

Maybe the only time I have ever said this, but I wish I lived in California!!!    :)


BTW, love the user name..  Lifelong AC guy..  I run a Turbo RR in the winter and a 700 lmited atv in the summer!

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You would be surprised the demand for these bikes people will travel.

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