Street Legal Dirt bike New Jersey

Hello, I'm currently looking for a street legal dirt bike in NJ. I'm just wondering how hard it would be to buy a normal dirt bike then make it street legal. Also, I have found a couple of bikes in New York with a street legal title, would it transfer over to New Jersey?

I found a 2001 Kawasaki KLR250 with a street legal title in New York, could it transfer over to New Jersey and is it a good bike?

A KLR 250 was a street legal bike from the factory, so title transfer should not be a problem.  It is a pretty low performance dual sport bike.  Capable of going off road anywhere but not near the performance of a purpose built off road  race bike.  If you want a dirt bike with a plate, its easier to find one that already has the street title and equipment installed to pass inspection, then to do all that work yourself. 


Factory street legal dual sports,  less performance off road ( unless it KTM EXC or similar) but title and paper work is not a problem.


Off road bikes that get converted,  more off road performance but cost $ to add street equipment and titling can be a nightmare or easy depending on your luck and NJ laws.  

I used to have a klr250. Was better off-road to small for street. Even in the trails it was more of a beginners bike. Now I have a beta 430rr. The rr is plateable as is. No inspection required in nj anymore so I just added necessary foldable mirror and use hand signals. It wired for blinkers but I don't wanna have the extra bulk that can get lost in when trails tighten up. It's basically a 4t enduro with a plate. Or they make the RS models fully decked with signals and mirrors

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