Torque Wrench Recommendation

Hey all, thanks for taking a look at this. I've been riding my X for a few months now with nothing more than oil chainges, air filter cleaning and chain lube. Mainly because I do not own a suitable torque wrench for the more in-depth maintenance procedures.

I'm wondering if there is a crowd favorite in the western US that won't break the bank. It seems like a lot of the torque specs for these machines are either just below or just above the range for several of the wrenches I've found. I'm not interested in starting a snap-on v matco v mac debate with the professional mechanics here. I'm more interested in hearing what the guys that just work on their own bikes use.

I've had a HF 1/2" drive for a few years but it's only ever used for non-mission-critical applications because I don't really trust it. If I need something to be dead-nuts on my buddy brings his snap-on stuff home from work on the weekends. Naturally, he recommends I refinance the house and buy a set off the truck. Is this the only viable option? Thanks in advance.

Well, I used the search function before I started this thread and for some reason it didn't kick anything useful back. I searched again from tapatalk and it found several threads... Sorry about that. This can be closed, I'm not sure how to close a topic. Thanks.

Get a inch/pound CDI wrench from amazon. they are about 200 bucks and a child company of snap on.

The only bolts I have every really felt the need to torque are the head studs and cam carrier bolts. 


Almost everything else I torque to feel and I am almost positive I always over torque the shit out of the rear axle nut. 


+1 for CDI, I bought a Armstrong but again don't use it much anymore. 


Last time I tried to use a craftsman 3/8 drive torque'r it stripped the bolt.....  :naughty:

My 3/8 drive is an SK micro adjust. Have had it for about 11 years. Use it all the time, never had an issue. Not cheap though. Any quality wrench will be expensive , but well worth the investment.

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