XR100 Seriel Number ?

Can anyone look at this serial number and tell me the year of my bike. I got a good deal on it but it needs rings possibly valves. It will roll start but no compresion at all and smokes lol SN> H2HE0303YK902651 The number for the year is wore i think it may be a 2000 but not sure ? I tried posting a pic also if it shows correctly. Thanks


xr100 engie.jpg

Give me the vin number on the steering column and I can tell you. It's pre 2002 (?) I believe.

H2HE0303YK902651 is year 2000 49 state XR100

Engine serial should be HE03E-6200001 and on

Yes the engine number is HE03E-6213811 I picked this up for nearly nothing smoked with low compresion. I thought a simple rebuild. Until i tore in to it. Top cam gear is chewed the cam chain tensioner is eat up, the cam dont look healthy either and 1 valve looks not to be closing all the way. It has original honda piston with stock bore not sure if its worth the money now.


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Thanks everyone it was a 2000 or the parts is anyway lol


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