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Help Needed - WP-4CF Fork Conversion!

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Please Help me if you know which way the top check valve is supposed to be oriented – it dropped out when I was not expecting it to.
I'm in the process of converting my 2016 stock WP 4CS FE450 Forks to the Open Chamber conversion kit provided by an aftermarket company.  (bike is a 2016 FE450)
That said, this process is tedious and worth the $100  to have them do it, if you trust others...
I'm attaching a pic of the “hydro-stop piston” of the rebound fork leg.  It has TWO check valve pins and I was only expecting one.  It has an embedded check valve bullet (the one on top) that I did not know existed and it fell out when I removed the torx set screw.  I have no clue if it was UP or DOWN (in relation to the gold valve in the pic) when it fell out – FKKK!  
The check bullet on bottom is expected and instructions require removal – the one on top was a surprise (to me and the kit company) – Yea!
I need concrete advice from someone who has disassembled these forks (this lineage) to this level so I can orient this FKKKK thing properly on re-assembly.  I am referring specifically to the orientation of the top check needle.

Thanks in advance.
PS (I will gladly provide advice and guidance to others when this is complete and tested.)




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On the picture the current one-way valves' layout is OK. On the other side make sure the second !!! (closer to your golden piston) one way valve is tip down.....leave the "unexpected top" one-way valves both tips to the Gold-they are part of the bottoming system on 2016 4CS...Well, you are going to remove the "bottom" bullets anyway...

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