Fuel injection for 2003????

Dont know exactly what this is insinuating or what yr or ????


<center>just found it on EATMYDIRT.COM</center>01426fi3.jpg


And look at the newest 400 4stokher




I was at a local dealer today and I asked a salesman if he has heard anything new about the 03 426. He told me all the info I read in MXA and other mags but he also told me that a yamaha rep. said it was going to be fuel injected. FI?? Is this true??

:) I have afriend that has a freind that once had a friend who actually new someone that had a family member say there buddy that was married once to a gal who actually dated in High School the Chief engineer at yamaha. They said it would be Fully Blown with 6.0psi Boost trigger


Awsome Pics Though GAS GAS looks awsome

[ March 23, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Ego, You are too funny! Never a dull moment in your house, I'll bet!

I'd love to see a review on how the system performs.

I don't think Yamaha is quite ready to step into fuel injection on MX bikes, but I'd like to see it happen!

It looks like the insulated parts are fuel pumps. It also looks like your typical loop system. Catalytic converters are on the way. Next thing ya know some dumbass at the NTSB is going to want air bags.

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