Luggage rack and hard case/ trunk options

Anyone have pics or recommendations? I want to fit a full face helmet, lockable, and something that looks good. I had a 30L Givi before and I liked it but just checking if there is something else out there that's better.

Already ordered the Thumper Talk rack as its a decent price and looks like it has a bunch of mounting options. Any reason I should consider another rack? I want something low profile as I won't have the trunk on it all the time.

Thanks! Pictures of your guys' set up would be awesome

Ps I did search but most of the threads are pretty old. Seeing if there is any new jazz out there

Edited by Dizle will make you an awesome and bulletproof rack.  

He makes 12 o'clock bars for the DRZ and makes custom racks as well.  


Here is my cheapo garage pro jc whitney trunk. Its less than 40 bucks plus jc whitney usually has promo codes. Had it almost a year and it has held up suprisingly well. 20160207_113548.jpg

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