2009 KTM 200XCW Gasket Leak



Recently I have encountered a problem with my 2009 KTM 200XCW. The problem is that when the bike warms up the clutch cover gasket begins to leak oil. At first I replaced the gasket however that did nothing. I then researched and found that if the vent lines get clogged it can cause excess pressure that can displace the gasket. The only problem that I am having is finding the vent line that I am supposed to clean. So far I blew out the vent line that is on the the left side of the jug (sitting on bike left side). I did this at the gasket still leaks oil. So my main question is... IS there another vent line that I am missing and that should be blown out/unclogged? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if more info is needed just ask. Thanks in advance.


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