2004 RM 250 lumber wagon

My 2004 RM 250 rides like 1990 1 ton dodge. I'm saving up for new front and rear suspension, but am wondering if there is anything I can do in the meantime to help soften this thing up a bit! Thanks.

You can play around with you clickers. Make sure you set the sag too

My 05 rm250 forks and shock were shot. I bought an 06 rm125 shock. Tried some different valving,failed,,sent to factory connection..better but still no good. Bought an 07 crf250x shock. Machines clevis and linkage bushing to fit-finally found a shock and setting that works for me. For the front-my forks were all worn-I bought a set of 03 rm250 kyb open chamber forks. Revalved them and they are better than any setting I could get the 47mm showas. My bike is setup for eastern woods/rocks,enduro/hs. If I was running MX with the rm250-I'd probably run the fox shock and the sff spring forks from my 13 rmz250.

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