Honda crf problem :(

Hi recently had bogging problems with my bike which then tend to cut out. It first happened at the track after 20 minuites of riding. Ive changed fuel filter flushed and back flushed the injector but no joy. Its bogs out mostly when i turn off the high idle knob and once reving. I also noticed smoke coming out of the breather pipe in the airbox. Any ideas on what this could be or anyone had simillar problems. Thanks in advance

Unless you can confirm the prolonged pressure the pump is providing, you should assume it's worn out/damaged.

You can test it off the bench, but usually they show failure in a few minutes of constant pressure.


The stator is the next place I would check. Do the Service manual tests.

Also, clean your stator pick up, harness plugs, and all groung points......but the 20min thing should be related to that...

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