Broken Chain guard mount (XR400R)

I just recently noticed one of my chain/sprocket guard bolts was gone, So I cleaned the mud out of the guard and noticed that the mounting hole was broken. What should I do about this? how could this have happened? my theory is when i went for a really muddy ride something got caught in between the sprocket and guard and created enough pressure to pull out the bolt. Any thoughts?




was the case saver installed under the guard? it looks like something was definitely rubbing between your case and the chain? Maybe the previous owner threw the chain, which jammed into the case saver and broke the bolt and casting. Or a rock in the mud got jammed in between them, busting the mounting hole off like you said.

Yeah, The case save was there and looked a bit chewed on one corner. Im just not sure how to remount the case saver and guard

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