What gearing for MX

What tooth sprockets do you guys run on the motocross tracks?  I have a 04 CR 250 that is currently geared to woods/trails.  Id like to get back on the track with it.

I currently run 13/50 for gearing, for the tracks that I usually ride at, it is a little tight. When this set finally wears out I will replace it with either a 13/48 or 13/49.

02 cr250 I'm 185lbs 13-51 is best for me.

I'm 205 with no gear.

For moto, I ran 13/48 on a stock engine. I can keep momentum. If the track is righter or you run the inside line more, you may want something different.

The good news is the gears wear so eventually you'll wear them out & you can get something different.

Anything between 13/48-13/50 should be good for you.

Look at the tracks you ride & rate yourself on how much momentum you can keep through the corners.

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