Riding and Camping at Tarryall


Hi there - I am looking for some information about camping and riding at Tarryall.  My family and a friends family are meeting up there this summer to camp/ride for a few days.  Does anyone have experiences from there to share?  Good spots?  Things to avoid?


Thanks in advance!



Badger Flats/Tarryall/Round Mountain is a great place to ride, especially for less experienced riders. It's mostly Jeep and ATV trail, it's also home to the China Wall Jeep trail and La Salle Pass. Lots of mileage, there are a few mildly technical spots but majority of the area is fast two track. It can get busy on the weekends with Jeep, ATV and UTV traffic so use caution. Best camping is off of CR31.

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Good family area and subject of recent access issues and resulting meetings/comments/etc.


I can't provide alot of personal input cuz I've only ridden there once a few years ago, but we enjoyed cruisin around and checkin out the scenery on a fall day. Its scenic and mostly easy cruisin as previously mentioned.

We went looking for potential campsites another day and you can camp right as the reservoir where there are 2 established camping areas, or on the west side of 285, which is a ways away, but if you're gonna be on a DS bike, not far away and more secluded.

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