1992 CR500 choke assembly

I started up my 92 CR500 a couple of months ago after years not riding it. It started OK. Took it out in the dirt. The bottom end power was not smooth, the top end was also not strong, the midrange was O. More recently I looked into it and discovered that the choke assembly had sheared the plastic right below the level of the carburetor. It was probably tightened a little too much. I also looked at the reeds. They were OK. Put in a new gasket, however. I ordered the choke assembly 16046-ka5-691 from a place on the internet. It arrived, I installed it and went out and rode again. This time the power was all good, except when I pulled in the clutch the engine raced instead of idled. I figured I had an air leak at one end or other of the crank. I happened to take out the choke assembly and compared it to the original. They are different. At the bottom of the assembly right above where the needle sticks out there is a brass cylinder about 1/2" long. On the new choke it is 8mm in diameter, the original was 10mm, the size of the bore in which it screws in. Can I blame the lean condition on this difference, or is this difference due to a superseded design? The new choke came in an OEM bag with the part number on it, but I assumed it was the correct part and threw it away. Does anyone have experience with this part? Or do you have an opinion on what this difference in diameter would cause?

Thanks in advance.

I ordered the part again, this time from Rocky Mountain. The correct part was shipped this time. The brass plunger for the 500 choke was indeed 10mm. Bike no longer has the high idle. Can't wait to take it out to the dez.

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