Front fork setup

I ride a yz 125 i am 5"7 130ibs and am 16 yrs old. I just did a fork rebuild. I took my bike for a ride this past weekend. I ride about 70% woods rest is either close corners enduro or flat out wide open riding. Hardly and motocross. I ride at a farm. Whenever i was going up a rock section or in the woods instead of my forks absorbing the rock,roots,cow poop,bumps it would throw me all sorts of around and bounce off of it. Rather than taking the hit. Both top and bottom clickers are set 10 1/2 clicks in from seated. My forks are daul chamber. So my question is what should i have my fork clickers in at for my type of riding And for my height and weight

Clickers are for fine tuning.  If you want those to soak up woods type stuff like roots and rocks you're looking at revalving.

There were fine before i did the seals in them. My dads bike did the same thing my mechanic just clicked in the clickers and it made a world of difference @turbo dan

You can open the clickers up but this just changes the bleed on the base and mid valve.  What oil did you use when you replaced the seals?  Where is your oil height at?  What was it before you replaced the seals?  That's the only things that changed when you did the service. 

I used yamalube s1 i put in 14 oz thats what the manual said

By your posting history I see it's a 2005 YZ125, correct ?


Did you service the inner cartridge while you had the forks apart for seals ?


You added 14oz in each outer tube?

14oz equals 414cc which sounds like way to much oil,

Google searches I found mention 245cc per outer tube for the 2005

(and around 200cc nominal for the cartridge)


Just a guess but the manual may have indicated a total of 14oz including both the inner cartridge and outer tubes.

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No didnt do the piston just seals. I read on google that it was 14 oz per fork

Too much oil in the outer tubes would make them real harsh starting mid stroke.  I suspect they were probably low on oil before you replaced the seals if they were leaking, so they had even less oil in them than usual.  Going from a low oil height to a very high oil height will have a very significant effect.

So is this bad? Is there a way i can just adjust them the way they are now or will i have to drain oil

I just went into the garage and pulled out the old oil from the rebuild. I measured what was in their. I poured 14oz and their was still some to spare. Mind u they were leaky so if it were all there it wouldve been 14 per @turbo dan

14oz is way to much ,you want 12oz

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