Foreman vs Rancher

I've been looking for an atv for a bit and have narrowed it to the Foreman and the Rancher I just don't know which is better and need help deciding.

New or used?

They are both great machines.

I haven't looked at the new ones for awhile. Is the rancher still a 350?

If you plan on using it much as a utility machine then I Would go with the foreman. If it is for recreational use, then the rancher would be fine.

Also I don't recall if the rancher has a hitch mount. Something to consider.

It would be used, thanks for the input

from the reserch ive done there is only a few hp difference between them yet 2000 difference brand new

I don't have any experience with a forman, I do have two Ranchers, a 2010 and a 2012. Both have electric shift with power steering, have 420 cc watercooled fuel injected motors, and are selectable between 2wd and 4wd, with a trailer hitch.

They have both been flawless since new, and get used nearly every day here on the ranch... Very handy machines.


The foreman has more torque and would be better for big loads.

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