new foot pegs?

does anyone else sharpen their old foot pegs or just buy new

Ive tried to sharpen my stock foot pegs but they always get rusted and look really bad. I just buy new since they are about 100 bucks for me and are extremely sharp!

yeah I was gonna try it just for temporary, and I had an idea to spray the foot pegs with some plasti dip which should stop the rusting but I dont really know how well it hold up to use

I'm using Pivot Pegs (which IMO are awesome) and Tech 10's and Personally I find I don't need nor like my pegs sharp. I try to ride on the balls of my feet and slide them back and forth on the pegs while shifting/braking. Even when its PNW axle deep mud and snot I don't find my feet slipping off my pegs.


Then there's is wear on the insoles of the boots.


But back in the late 70's when I was trials riding and using steel toe rubber boots with magazines stuffed down the front, everyone sharpened the crap out their pegs every ride.


If you like sharp pegs, I would sharpen them and not worry about the rust

I just ride and don't worry about it

That too

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