Big Ride Coming

April 21/22/23   The girls 230f bike does battle.4-WR450s   1- Wr250   3-Xr400s   2-KTM 450s   1- KTM 605   1- Husky 310. Will forward pictures of ride. We will see how far we get without trouble. Chase truck has Xr300/Wr450 spares.PTDC0232.JPGPTDC0233.JPG

Hey keep a sharp eye on the 310.

It and the wr250 were two bikes that would be a nice competent for my aging 230.

Picked up a wr and so far I'm not convinced it was the better choice.

Ok Its Saturday Night ride over. One broken rider,one broken bike. Both riders (Husky/wr250) Husky rider almost good rider.Wr250 My chase rider expert,young.On sand hill climb Crf230/254 winner. The little Crf good runner,stays with the big boys. Will post pictures.The Cr85 fork/Fox shock real good.

More picturesPTDC0242.JPG PTDC0243.JPGPTDC0245.JPGPTDC0256.JPG

 More             PTDC0247.JPG:PTDC0247.JPG]                                               Over loaded Chase truck 3 bikes,gear for 14 people,and 3 passengers. You would think the dummy that owns the truck.Would have used 1 of 5 trailers here.PTDC0251.JPG


looks expensive. Can normal people afford to go there and ride with you. You know, we are already broke from racing. Oops, I guess we are not normal then. lol

Hey Firestone, Do you know any dirt bike riders that are normal. I don't know any,All you guys on the 150/230 site can stay and ride with me. Only problem you need get your bike here. I have had Friends,come here with there bikes as far away as IL and Idaho. My nightmare after this tour, work on 10 bikes. Big time pay back,for 3 days of fun.

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