08 yz250f rear brake problem? HELP!

My rear brake quits working so I bleed it and fill it up doing all the proper procedures and go for a ride it works for a bit then the pedal goes soft again. Need help I have a race in 2 weeks and would like a rear brake


Is it consuming oil? If so you have a leak that needs to be adressed. If you can i would order a master cylinder and caliper rebuild kit

No it's doesn't leaks just seems to always build up air. I bled it really well today before I went on my little practise track and it's worked fine and still does so let's hope tommrow when I take it out it keeps working lol

Double check the banjo bolt to make sure it is not loose. I have had this happen to me twice. Likely from being hit in a wreck. Both times it introduced air.

Well I noticed my caliber moves a little bit back and forth just a tiny tiny bit is that normal


Yes the caliper is made to move slightly

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461345150.301962.jpg

Bled the wr250f yesterday it was taking me ages to bleed...someone wrote on another forum to put a small amount of ptfe tape around the bleed nipple and undo it just enough to keep pressure but also enough to force out any air and setup a hose high to allow the air to escape without returning to the calliper 10mins later was all done and I couldn't believe how much air was in the lines. But if that doesn't work check banjo bolt, nipple, master cylinder or even the piston seals

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