Crf 450 x or irk 450 xcw?

Can anyone help me out? I'm 42 now, 5' 10 1/2", 225lbs and I'm looking to get back into trail riding and having some fun on a bike again. I'll make a list of what I had throughout my life and maybe you could suggest what might be right for me. Xr 80, xr 100, cr 80, xl 250 r, klr 650, cbf 1000. I'm looking at Honda (as I've always been loyal to) and ktm. Crf 450 x or the ktm 450 xcw. I would greatly appreciate any kind of mature advice. Thank you in Advance.

Ps. How do I change or edit the title from irk to ktm?

If budget is not a consideration, the KTM XCF-W is the superior bike. The Honda CRF450X is very long in the tooth. Hopefully when Honda finally gets around to updating it, it'll be a bit more competitive. As Japanese bikes go the WR450F and YZ450FX have been updated recently and would be between the Honda and the KTM. So you should at least consider those as well.

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