So i ordered a warp 9 rim/hub/spoke set. i have been working on the spacers for a while now, and i have come to the conclusion i dont care anymore. (i do) but, has anyone cut the the quater inch lips where the front brake caliper locks onto the fork. If i do this, the brake pads will fit on the rotor properly, and my nightmares will be done. any thoughts? I have a 07 k250f. I have cut the spacers mulitple times, and even reordered, recut. help!


Seems to me if you have to do something like that then something else is wrong.

You'd want to machine that down anyway. Not just cut it.

That's fairly extreme and I agree with above and yes if this is the last resort, obviously completely disassemble then machine or CAREFULLY grind

Is the problem that the rotor is more inboard than with the original wheel hub? If that's the case you need a spacer (or spacers) on the rotor to move it out. If the rotor is to far outboard you may need different axel spacers. That will be much safer than a half baked alteration to the caliper mounts. Have you tried contacting the hub manufacturer or distributor? There is likely an off the shelf solution to this problem.

I just had a similar problem to yours. I just ordered a set of complete wheels from them for my 01 kx250 and when I went do the final install hub would not line up with the through axle.

Ended up noticing the disc is hitting the top of he caliper.

Called warp nine and I am missing spacers for the rear and also the 01 kx 250's have a smaller diameter rotor than 03 and up.

They were awesome about it though sent a call tag for the rotor and are sending me out the correct spacers

Let's hope this fixes the problem

See, I contacted warp 9, and they had no idea, so I measured it up, and they sent me spacers, but unfortunately they didn't work the warp 9 hub is about a half inch thicker than the oem. I have tried measuring it, and such. But they just keep not working.

If it doesn't work then you can always go back with a washer stack.

I have been thinking about doing the washers, any one ever do that? I just didn't know if that was safe or not

Replacement wheels are typically bolt on.

you shouldn't have to cut or machine anything.

I'd do some research and make sure you got the correct rim.

so i bought some washers, this is my temp fix, it works, i will measure it out, and get a replacement spacer. as far as safety wise, do you think i could still ride with this? thanks everyone!


Yeah, that'll be fine. The washers are held in place by the axle, where would they go, lol?

I have the same washer setup on a cr front end I put on an Xr. It's been working fine

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