Massachusetts opening week ride anyone ?


If I read correctly Freetown forest opens May 1.

I'm looking to ride that week.

Anyone want to ride during the week? Maybe we can get a few riders together. I can ride any day first half of the day.

Freetown won't be open until next weekend. For some reason they open a week later. Someone told me it's because the Plymouth Sands Riders go in for trail maintenance opening weekend. Don't quote me, just repeating what I heard but if you check Rider Planet you'll see everything else in Mass open but Freetown is still listed as closed.

I'm packed up to ride but I'll make my decision where when I'm on the road tomorrow. It's straight down 495 no matter where I ride anyway.

picking up my new ride tomorrow morning. Ill hit the local woods this week.


If anyone wants to hit freetown next week let me know. Its easy for me I'm right down the road.


Hodges is a hour away. 


Any suggestions I'll ride anywhere else too.

trailguy...I'm in Riverside and make it out to Freetown pretty often.  The single track opens May 9...there was a sign posted last weekend...not for timid beginners.  Im getting a little long in the tooth for hard core single track, but i give it a go every once in a while.  I usually deal with  various dirt roads, paths and power line, gas lines.  a lot of this is private property...   Mass requires a DEM sticker  for the single track so you're legal in some of the  MA state parks.  I've got a route in western RI, Foster, Burrillville thats a lot of fun. Message me if you'd like to connect some time.  Bob

Hi Bob, I'll send a PM. I live 2 minutes from you.


I use to ride freetown weekly when I was younger. 



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