2001 XR650L Opportunity to Purchase

Hello everyone!


I have the opportunity to buy a 2001 XR650L for $3,200.  It has 1,650 miles on it and no mods except for an Acerbis plastic tank and Acerbis hand guards.


It's all original-corked and everything.  Still sits on original tires.  Garage queen for sure.


Can you guys give me a sense of this price based on what you see in your neck of the woods if you will?  Much obliged.

$2500.00 last summer for a 2002 with 400 miles on it

Damn I'm a sucker.

I paid 7200 for a 2012 with 1 miles on it.

Yes you are. For that $4700.00 difference you got a white head light cowl.

in my area we currently have a:


1993 XR650L 16000/m, larger tank $2800

2001 XR650L (no miles listed, but work done, kickstart added) $2500

2007 XR650L (no miles listed) $2500

2010 XR650L 3700/m, upgraded exhaust,shocks $4499

2012 XR650L 1950/m, looks stock $4500


...they seem to vary greatly but I'd say that price is a little high (for my area), I would try to get him down to under 3k, sounds pretty clean and not ridden a lot though so really it's just what it is worth to YOU...

I also got bold new graphics.

I have the opportunity to buy a 2001 XR650L for $3,200.

I bought my 2001 in 2008 for $2500.  That's what I would offer for that bike.

I do thank you for the responses.


Saw the XR and it is very nice.  Dude is holding firm on his price.  Condition is everything and this one is sharp.  Everything is there no dents, divots or rattles.  No upgrades or mods other than the Acerbis tank and handguards.  He has the original metal tank and fins.


I'm going to sleep on it and probably go pick it up tomorrow.


Any other thoughts out there?????

If you plan on doing a bunch of mods I'd hold out and find a bike that had the upgrades you wanted. Reason is those mods generally add only about 10% value of their actual cost and you can save a bunch of dough and labor. I paid about that for my 2007 and it had an FCR MX carb and a ton of other upgrades. The wheels on the bike were so nice I was able to sell them and pay for 2/3 of the cost of my supermoto kit. All depends on your local market I guess.

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Solid point.  Stuff in Phoenix and Arizona seems like it's higher than anywhere else..I know the sales tax is now almost 10% (got to pay for sports teams and freeways I suppose).


My initial thinking is to pull the smog stuff and jet the carb.  Then, I'd like to add or make a cool Dakar type fairing for it.  Maybe add some saddlebags down the road for some overnights in Mexico.  That'd probably be it.


I can do most work myself except welding.


Here are local examples but not the one I'm interested in:




Solid point.  Stuff in Phoenix and Arizona seems like it's higher than anywhere else.

Except maybe Northern California.  I don't know if the sellers are getting the high asking prices or not, but I'm not exactly in a position to buy another one right now, so I don't follow them too closely.  The ones that are "priced to sell" seem to go pretty quickly, though.

Welp, I bought it.  PO shaved a few hundred off, but that is okay.


Took it out for a shake down run and I love it.  I'm putting more steerable tires on it  now.


It has just enough power for me  

Still loving this XR !!!

Desmogged it. Just did a brake fluid flush and oil change this morning. I have to open the carb to see what jets are in there as I see that someone cut the mixture screw stop....

It's set up perfect for me now that I added bar risers.


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Just picked up an 94 XR650L with 7800 miles for $1750. I did okay I think. Haha. Did just punch a hole in the side cover though...

I just picked up a running/driving 08 with 16k on it for $250

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