2000 Cs seal leak

I've got a 2000 cr 250 that I use for a trail bike. sad to say the bike doesn't get used as much as Ide like to . The last time out I thought I noticed a vibration that would come and go. Having been told that year cr's viberated I didn't think too much about it. The next day I notice a small oil spot under the bike below the counter shaft sprocket. My question is are the two related or is it just an old dry seal ? Do I have a bearing starting to go trashing the seal ? Any one delt with this,any failing commons? Thanks again any helps allways appreciated.

I have an 03 and the seal started leaking on it. I pulled the seal, replaced the collar it rides on, and it's been fine. Not saying your vibration ain't coming from something in the tranny but it's possible for the cs seal to fail. I doubt your vibration is related, honestly. Grab the cs shaft n see if it wobbles excessively perhaps.

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