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DR650 ignition charge/source coil voltage spec?

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I've got no spark on my 1996 DR650.

All resistance coil checks are within specs:  Ignition coil: .2, ohm primary, 24K secondary.  Stator charge coil: .13 ohm.  Pickup/trigger coil: 205 ohm. No shorts to ground.

I have +12vdc on O/W wire to CDI with key on and B/W pin on connector has continuity to chassis ground and battery negative terminal.

So I replaced the CDI box - Still no spark.

So I replaced the stator with trigger coil - all resistance measurements within specs -  still no spark.

Can't start it, so I measured AC peak voltage output of the pickup coil (blue and green wires) while cranking at 4.5vac. Measuring with the 4-pin connector unplugged from the CDI. Waveform on an oscilloscope looks good. The source coil output (black and white wires) is only 0.6vac peak.  I was expecting 70-90vac cranking and a few hundred when running.  


Swapped back in the original stator and got the same 0.6vac out of the charge coil when cranking.  I've got no ac power into the CDI on the black and white wires.  I'm suspecting the flywheel magnets are damaged, but the magnetic pull is strong, with uniform spacing between the strongest attraction force when I run a piece of steel around the flywheel inside diameter.  For reference, all 3 legs of the 3-phase generator coils are putting out 17vac when cranking, so the magnets seem ok.


Can anyone tell me what the correct ac voltage out of the ignition charge coil (black & white) should be? 

I can't believe half a volt can charge the CDI enough for it to put out a couple hundred volt pulse to the ignition coil.


This one has me stumped - suggestions appreciated.

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I'm just looking for an ac voltage measurement of the ignition charge (source) coil at cranking speed from a running 1996-2015 DR650.

Here's the procedure:

1; Remove seat.

2. Unplug 4-pin connector from the CDI box.

3. Connect voltmeter probes to the 2 wires coming from the charge/source coil (mine are black and white).  Anyway, not the green and blue wires from the trigger coil.

4. Set voltmeter to measure ac volts.

5.Crank the engine and observe the ac voltage on the meter when cranking.  A regular multimeter set to ac volts is fine - you'll just read .707 of the peak of the sine wave since they display rms voltage.


The attached images below are oscilloscope waveforms for my trigger and ignition source coil coming off the stator at cranking speed.  I changed the stator and got the same readings.  The charge coil voltage seems lame at only 0.6v.  I feel this should be 70-90 vac at cranking speed and a few hundred running, but I have not been able to find the spec.


Can anyone provide the correct value? 


All the regular stuff has been checked: trigger coil, ignition switch, sidestand switch, clutch switch, neutral switch.  All my resistance checks of all coils are within spec. and not shorted to ground.  Tried swapping the green and blue trigger wires.


Either my repaired cdi is bad, or my new replacement and original stator are both bad.


Thanks for your support.



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