Weep hole leaking after radiator flush

Went on a ride a couple days ago and boiled over going up a technical hill in first pinned. I got the bike home and didn't have any coolant leaks. I just decided I'd flush it and get some engine ice in there as I had just bought it and didn't know how old the coolant was. I did the first round with some Shell product and it boiled over (expectedly) but the weep hole started going. Drained, filled with water, wept again. Drained, filled with engine ice and is still weeping. Pump seal or do I need a whole rebuilt pump?

Where's this weep? That little hold in the case, front of motor next to water pump?

If that's it, buy a whole right side gasket kit and replace all, the problem is the shaft that spins the water pump impeller. That's leaking. What sucks is there's two seals. One you can get out without removing the cover, the other is inside behind the cover. That's why I say get gaskets cause you're taking the side cover off. You could replace the first seal and see if that's enough to stop the leak. But you and I know that the right way to do it is go in all the way. Replace both seals on the pumps impeller shaft. No chemical or additive will work, you need to go in a give an old bike new parts.

This is easy. Like an hour. I've done it without draining oil just lay bike on left side. Just be careful and use grease putting the new seals in. You want em straight. Easy job. A must do every five years

Yeah that's the one. So that right side cover gasket is a one time use I'm guessing? What about the clutch cover gasket? Sorry I'm mechanically inclined, just not familiar haha

But yeah it sounds like I should just buy a WP rebuild kit which is no problem, I like making sure my stuff is up to snuff

Well if you've never been in there your gaskets are 10 +- years old. Peace of mind. Get some freshies. I think it was K and S but I bought a complete right side motor gasket and seal kit.

Hondabond pasted on both sides and 87 inch pounds tight. This is what happens to hot bikes. The rmz is hot. Older the hotter. You'll spend like 20 bux and an hour of time.

Another question, when I put this bearing in is there any need to lube it up with anything other than the engine oil?

Thats fine. I stuff it with grease just cause it sticks instead of drip everywhere like oil. But youre still wiping your hands with a rag after, either way.

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