hey ScottF

Never mind. I took it all apart and put it back together. The gear is tight now. The key didn't look too bad so I will continue to use it for now. Puttin the case back on now to see if the noise is gone. Thanks for your older post on this, they were very helpful. :)

Originally by ScottF

I bought a length of 5mm keystock for the CB gear repair from McMaster. It was slightly oversize, and had to be sanded down to fit. But that's a good thing, since a tight fit will reduce/eliminate the problem. I can easily cut off a piece and mail it to you. I will even grind it down for a nominal fee

Scott do you still have any of this keystock left. I have a noise('00426) that I suspect to be the CB gear. I would send you a self addressed stamped envelope with your nominal grinding fee if you could help me out by sending me one. Please let me know soon by this post or E mail. Thanks.

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