YZ stator

Hey guys will a 02 yz 250 stator fit an 07 YZ 250 with out any major hitches?

I checked the parts lists for you. The YZ250 stator is unchanged from 1999 to 2005. Then it is the same from 2006 until 2016.

It is a minor part number revision between the 2005 model and the 2006, so a 2002 stator could theoretically fit on a 2007 without an issue. But frankly, this will have to be verified by someone with personal experience, so hopefully someone will chime in.


1999 Base Assy 5CU-85560-10-00

2002 Base Assy 5CU-85560-10-00

2003 Base Assy 5CU-85560-10-00

2005 Base Assy 5CU-85560-10-00

2006 Base Assy 5CU-85560-20-00

No personal experience but I was a VW parts professional for over 12 years back in the 70-80's. What I believe is the last two numbers are superseded numbering. Meaning, once all the lower numbers are sold out of stock, the higher numbers will replace them. There is always hundreds of spare parts manufactured for each year model. A slight variation could be material used etc.

But then again, like sellyourfourstroke (Jeff) you can always call Yamaha and chat with an expert.

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Thanks heaps for your information guys most helpful I have purchased a 2002 stator for $50 and it fits and appears identical to the 07 stator the only reservation I have is the resistance out put from the 2 units from what I can understand as long as they are the same the 02 unit should suffice I am hoping at least

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