717 conditions


Does anyone know the condition of 717 after the last snow storm?

Snowy and unrideable. How deep I dunno, but there is alot of snow on the ground in Divide.

Thanks. I thought my buddy was pushing to ride too early after the snow last week.

Yeah...dunno what his thoughts were, but after deep snow comes ice....and mud. And if you're new to the area, in early season there are downed trees, so if ya go early, be cautious.

Dunno exactly where you are located, but if you can see the foothills, that can be a good indicator. Pike's Peak too.

Another good tact....use webcams.


Another...follow Rampart Range Motorized Management Committee on FB. There is a pic from 4/19 on there....plastered!!!

any updates on 717 conditions? temps are climbing fast. 

I believe its same as Rampart...if not a little behind it. Probably ready by Memorial Day  weekend, but its too early to tell for sure..


Below was 3 days ago from RRMMC:  The day before, they emphasized that Rampart is closed. Needs to melt and dry out to prevent resource damage.


Main gate at Rampart yesterday.... Going to take a while for the snow to melt off up there....


There was suposed to be a work party still planned for Sunday the 15th at Rampart but looks like it won't happenm check out the FB page for Ramaprt Range.

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I follow the RRMMC FB page, and see that Rampart is going to be a while. Historically the north/west end of 717 through the burn area dries out fast. Just wondered if anyone had actually been there(Divide)- Wife and daughters and I are going to make a day trip 5/21 unless there is more reported snowfall. If that happens, Rabbit Valley. I have to ride soon or I am going to lose what's left of my sanity- have not ridden since October 2015. 

Was out in RV two weeks ago and headed out again this weekend....got to get some hours on the new bike. :)

I will possibly be checking out 717 area from the roads tomorrow. I'd say it'll be close in 2 weeks, but will hopefully know more tomorrow. Get your bikes ready!


I'm gonna guess some guys will be up tearing it up this coming weekend unless it rains.  Forecast for Divide next week doesn't look conducive to drying it out...hopefully its wrong.

Lemme know Dave, unless things turn for the worse, we are going 5/21- gonna shoot for 50-60 miles. 

I was very surprised....717 is good to go!  The only negatives I saw are that the streams are a bit high, the trails down low will likely have some moisture, and there is deadfall.  Other than that....get out there!!...but don't tell the guys who live to just tear stuff up (mostly atvers) cuz it'll be easy to do in the wet areas.


A few pics:


717A trailhead...they'd gotten some rain and hail just before I got there, but I think it woulda been a little muddy even without that.



362/363 parking lot:



The USFS has installed alot of new signs. Perhaps its an offshoot of the lawsuit that threatens the area. If you've not seen that, check out this thead. Be aware that there was alot of mis-information on that initially. We won't really know what is threatened until the USFS issues their Notice of Intent which might be released near the end of June. All the trails and roads listed in the Settlement Agreement were identified by the plaintiffs (Quiet Use Coalition etc) as potentially improperly listed on the MVUM.

A view SW from along 362 (there is a tiny bit of snow high on Signal Butte)
Elk along Trail Creek: (I saw 6 total)
This is the bridge that crosses Trail Creek (note the snow...there are few drifts like that here and there in the shaded areas feeding the streams):


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I'd assume the heavy foliage areas at the southwest and south ends of the main loop to still have some snowpack and are also the most vulnerable to mud/trail damage. thanks for the report Dave, we are going down Saturday 5/21 for sure. What kinds of signage have they installed? 

I thought there would be lots more snow and I agree that there will be areas with remnant drifts. I walked to some areas in the trees where I thought I'd find snow (such as up the trail from the bridge and by 717A TH) but the main places I saw it was on the edges of big open areas where big drifts had accumulated. As an example of the delicate nature of the trails right now, the trail on the other side of the bridge was running water.


I wanted to get a closer look at more (including the section on the SE corner of the main loop in the pic below) but I ran out of time. In springs past, I've seen the other side from where this picture was taken totally washed out and not too far north of a mud bog.




Anywhere water normally is found will be deep and low areas muddy. I hope to know more in a few days.


The new signage I saw is marking spur roads and such. I'm guessing that all the FS districts have marked the 18 miles of closed spur roads. New MVUMs are out or in the works that document the changes.

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A couple more pics to illustrate my comments








You and I have seen more water there than that pic Dave. LOL


good times. 



Well, we can't make this coming weekend for a scouting trip but will be out 5/21 for sure. Pedal bikes this Sunday and then an event at Red Rocks Sunday eve. 

You and I have seen more water there than that pic Dave. LOL


good times. 



Well, we can't make this coming weekend for a scouting trip but will be out 5/21 for sure. Pedal bikes this Sunday and then an event at Red Rocks Sunday eve. 



Yep!  And I learned to stay on the main line!!  It might look deep but its got a firm base. Try to go around and it can get ugly!


And compared to the spot further north, the spot in my pic is not too bad...but I've seen major erosion near the spot in my pic...you prolly have too.


It looks like we're gonna do a dual sport recon trip this Saturday. We're gonna mostly stay up high and on some of the roads, but we'll do some exploring too and report back.


Have fun pedallin!  I did a little of that this afternoon. Gotta get the cardio going!

right on, thanks. Looks like 5/21 has moved to 5/22 for us. 

Was a beautiful day up there!  We climbed out of the clouds/rain/cold in Woodland Park and it was much warmer and sunny up higher. I'm calling 717 good to go for sure.Got in 54 miles. Dry n dusty1 Didn't cross a single snow patch. We stayed out of the lowlands where it can get muddy, so no info on that, but the way the rest is, I believe its all passable with minimal issues. We didn't see a single tree across the trail, did see at least a dozen other riders, some quads and atvs too.


We rode parts of 717, A, B, C, D and some roads. We crossed numerous streams...all flowing pretty good but not extra deep.


Just a couple pics:


717 D where it crosses West Creek:





We also saw this.




Quite a bit of big equipment up north along 357. They've been there a while. Looks similar to a couple years ago.

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Right on! !! Now the long wait for next Sunday to ride. Got bikes out yesterday and doing a little maintenance along with a few tires.

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