Torque wrench? 2001 CR125 rebuild

whats up people, my 2001 Honda CR125 has shit itself and is it need of a new piston and top end rebuild. Could anyone tell me what/where to buy a torque wrench for this job? Or what I should be looking for sizes etc? Any other info about the build would be greatly appreciated.

look in your service manual at the torque specs you need and buy the one that covers them.


you should be able to get one at a auto parts supplier or local tool stores.

I'll have a look thanks

Harbor freight

I've been using craftsman torque wrenches for years. I have an inch/pound and a 10-75 foot/pound. Covers pretty much everything.

I'll have a look at them cheers

I'll have a look at them cheers


Sorry didnt realize you are in Ireland. Craftsman would have to be shipped to you. 

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