’16 450 xc-f loud ticking

my bike has a pronounced tick noise coming from top of the motor. it has been there since day one, but the last ride it seemed to be much louder than in the past. it is a rapid tick that seems to change with rpm. bike runs great. i just changed the oil before the last ride, but used the same oil as previous, and it was the correct level. Bike has 10 hours on it and has had 2 oil changes already (per dealers recommendation). I am ready to switch to synthetic

I have read about bad intake rocker arms in these motors.

wondering if any idea what the tick may be and it is something I should have checked out. it is not the noise from the clutch, that noise is completely different


Yeah, someone posted similar with pics.


I asked the symptom ... and it was a loud ticking sound    :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:

I haven't heard about issues with the '16 450 motors.  Hopefully it's a simple fix that KTM is aware of, and they will recall the problem. 


My 2011 KTM XC-W bar clamps broke, luckily at the end of a ride.  When I brought them into the dealer, they gave me a new set for free because of KTM's recall. 


They take care of their customers.  The same can't be said of other brands....

Yeah, someone posted similar with pics.


I asked the symptom ... and it was a loud ticking sound    :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:


was that the melted rocker thread?

i reread that thread, his noise was a screeching noise then a loud knock.

mine is a rapid tick


i just took the bike to the dealer. mechanic said it sounded normal to him and not to worry at this point. said if something happens, they will take care of it  :(

No.. Different thread

No.. Different thread


do you have a link?

Its here ... I looked around and didnt see it.

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