Chasing the dream .. "Behind the scenes Interview"


Pretty interesting background story to what goes into these episodes.. 


Full story


In the upcoming episode 


"At the beginning of this next show, you’re going to see something that happened between Weston Peick and [JGR team manager] Jeremy Albrecht. It was very emotional and very intense, Peick is trying to plead his case, Buddy Antunez, his riding coach, is there, a lot is going on. This is what we get in the pits." 

Ha! I was just going to post this!

Ha! I was just going to post this!

Orange minds think alike...  :smirk:

I watched ep #2 ...first time I actually saw JS filmed up close and wow, he looked super chunky, like a good 20 + lbs over weight.

Easy to see why he's struggling.

Video ads 10lbs.

Video ads 10lbs.

Yea, he actually looked like he added 40lbs ;)

Video ads 10lbs.

How many cameras are on him??

Sounds like back stage with the Freeeeeeezy throw down  :D

How many cameras are on him??

with simple math and the post above. 4 Edited by phantom451

Video ads 10lbs.

Plus another 5 or 6 from the audio.

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