Not sure what bike to get.

Just came off 06 yz250 Gorr ported. Wife gave OK to get another bike. I am 42 225lbs. Will drop to 200lbs as summer comes. Mostly trail ride. May race HS. The yz have plenty of power and I liked it a lot. I have seen many threads on yz woods bikes.

I do not see me being a great racer, I just like to have good time.

I have found 3 bikes I am looking into

2009 Yz250

2000 Kdx200 with Kx forks

1992 Wr200

They vary in price now but the end total seams to be close.

Any input on these choices?

I an leaning towards the YZ now because I've had one and it has some of the stuff already.

why swap your '06 yz250 for a '09 yz250 ? You don't want keep you '06 and restore it a little bit ?


kdx200 and wr200 are waaaay underpowered compared to your yz250 !! you will get bored as hell ! 


for trail riding, considering you came off a yz250 and mostly liked it, i'd go with something like a 300xc, 450xc-f, crf450x etc. i'm sure you're gonna miss the power of your yz250 if you go with something smaller than that !

if you wanna stay with could also get a 250xc, but nothing smaller or you'll regret it ! 

I just picked a 2007 300XC and love it.  

Thanks. Sold the 06 YZ thinking I was done riding. Now stepson wants to ride and mama said I should get another bike. The 09 YZ I looking at is set up for woods . There are not many orange bikes for sale in my area. Wife gave me the OK for a brand new bike. I road a Beta 300 cross something and didn't like it at all. I can't justify a 7-8 thousand dollar ride for what I want to do.

if you go with the '09 yz250 it will be fine, at least it's common ground for you....but it's always fun to experiment a new bike :)

I have had a few bikes over the years includind new yz250 in 95. My most rememberable bike was a 1987 KDX200 I got in 1990-1991. Gave $300. It was like new. I 160lbs then thing was a blast. Most bang for buck I ever had. If the guy will deal some I an gonna go Yz this weekend.

Sounds like the 09 YZ would suit you best.  You will be comfortable on it right away.

Yeah,  good advice.   Guess I have some love for older bikes like the KDX and WR200.  If I was rich, I would get the YZ and the KDX or WR but I am on a budget I better get something I know i will be happy one.


Thanks guys.

Go with the yz

I don't know how it happened,  but I ended up with a ORANGE bike. The owner of the YZ I wanted couldn't come up with the title.


I seen this on CL called, drove, and 250 miles later I am home.


1999 EXC 250 Plated.      I am the 3rd owner.  It has has 1 top end done in its life.   The second owner said he was going to put a new piston and rings but he did a compression check and it was in the specs.


I didn't get to spend much time on it. but the power seamed enough for my 225lbs


To all you KTM guru's   


What do I need to do to this bike ???

What do I need to watch out for ???


I got it a what I consider a song,  so I have some extra money to spend.

I am thinking Pipe first, stock one is dented.


Thank anyone



First off, I'm impressed. Most Jap bike owners hate the Euro bikes. Personally, I like, an have owned both . I'd go thru it and grease everything, replace bearings as needed. Does it squeak when you sit on it? If yes, the pds bearings are shot, very common. As long as you're getting a pipe, a lot of woods guys, including myself, use the FMF Gnarly. Then, get the suspension set up for you. Or maybe do that first.

drumiv,  great advice,  I had a change to take it out a few hours.    I loved the way it handled.   Felt more like a overpowered 125 than a 250.


I did some searching and came across a post about how bad they handled,  one poster said turn with both wheels,  I must of been doing that with my Yamaha, because it felt great,   I actually felt fast on the thing.   It has lower final gearing than my last bike so i really didn't notice much of a power difference.


There wasn't any squeaking from the shock.    I did manage to blow both fork seals.   I am getting the shock and forks done by racetec  next week, if I can get them to him.


After 15 miles of trails I really really like it.   the Gnarly is on my list as the stock pipe has a dent.

I am 115 pounds with my gear and im 14 years old i'm not sure if i should get a 125 or 250 and also how fast do those bikes go

My youngest is 14 about 95lbs and his kx85 is still plenty for him.

He is first year rider.

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