Talache to Bayview


I'm looking for someone to show me the route to get from Talache to Bayview along Pend Oreille Lake.  I've been told that there is a disconnect at Blacktail Mountain due to development.  Anyone ridden this trail in the past couple of years?

I'm looking for someone to show me the route to get from Talache to Bayview...


Head down 95, turn left at signs for Bayview. 




Sorry, I've got nothing.

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We might ride that this weekend (or the weekend after that, probably sometime soon as it gets dusty later in the year).  Watch the Pantra FB page or feel free to post an inquiry.  There are other posts relating to the clearing of the trail from storms last Fall, and working around the fire damage from last summer, etc.




Here's a recent post:



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Will be riding Talache this Saturday.

Would be happy to show you the trail we plan to head south from Talache.

Send me a message if you're interested.

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