Am I big enough

I am 5¨10´ and about 155 but still growing would I be big enough to ride a 250 2-stroke? I am looking at getting a kx250 or a 250. If I am not what bike would you recommend for me?

What bike are you currently on?

I small 80 Yamaha that I just use for messing around, but I want to get more serious

If you are just getting into riding, I think that you should start on a 125. 250 2t's are alot of bike to handle.

Same height little less weight here, I got the yz 250 couldn't be happier with it. Friends said you'll regret not buying a 250 so I did and I'm satisfied. A lot of power but controllable.

What kind of riding are you interested in getting "more serious" about?

Mostly trail and woods

So to answer your question yes you're big enough, but a 250 2 stroke is a lot of bike. If you have experience and you know how the power hits on a 2t then I would go for it personally. You can grow into it, and it's really fun to open it up when you get the chance. But if you've never experienced a big bike, just coming from an 80 might be a bit much. There's no magic formula for you to ask someone else, you kind of have to know for yourself.

If you can, try rising someone else's to get ask feel for it.

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Based on his other post he's on a Yamaha PW80 with an automatic clutch.

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