86 CR125 Parts

Anyone have any they would sell?


Also, what year range do I need to be looking for that will interchange? 85-89? 



Thanks guys. 

I have a rebuilt shock.

Might have some hubs.

Mainly 85-86 year models. Some of the 250 parts will fit except engine parts.

There is a lot of stuff on ebay, what do you need?

85 and 86/87 engines are diff.

But 85-87 frames are close.

try bikeboneyard.com    their prices are pretty reasonable, mostly older stuff 70's-90's

The 1986 had the ATAC* exhaust butterfly / sub chamber which was only used for a few model years ('84-'86 I think)


(* instead of changing the port timing like a modern powervalve, it simulates a longer headpipe at lower rpms)


Those bikes came specced for 20:1 but often still managed to seize due to a too lean main jet.


It won all shootouts as 'Best 125 of 1986',

at the time it had quite a good low end / midrange pull for a 125 versus the other brands

but it's performance isn't comparable to a more modern 125.

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But 85-87 frames are close.

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