'93 YZ250: Add FMF Q Stealth to Pro Circuit Expansion Chamber

Hey Guys,


          I have a '93 YZ250 with a pro circuit pipe and silencer on it. My goal is to legalize it and to not piss off the neighbors, so I was wondering if the FMF Q Stealth Silencer would work on the pro circuit pipe (It's the works pipe)


If not, would something like the FMF Gnarly work on the Q Stealth silencer? I'm willing to fabricate brackets for it if I need to (just simple aluminum stuff).



Is there not a pc 296 available? I would think a q would work without fabricating. I'm pretty sure they are designed to work with a stock pipe and the pc pipe with a stock silencer. I have a kx 85 with a pc pipe and 296 also have a kx 250 with the gnarly and a q. Both work well and no fab nedded with either.I've used plenty of aftermarket pipes with stock silencers. Never had issues with them matching up. I could be wrong about your bike but I'd be surprised if it wouldn't just bolt on.

Hmm so you think it would bolt up. I was looking on FMF's website and the only 2 silencers that fit were the power core and I think the shorty? Not sure either way the Q Stealth wasn't listed as available. It could just be an oversight though.

Because of the age of your bike you may not be able to get a q for it. The pro circuit 296 is their version of the q so you may wanna check on that.

thanks for that, i'll definitely check it out. i appreciate the info.

They both make silencers equipped with spark arestors but probably not as quite as the q and 296. Fmf turbinecore and the pc nature friendly. You maybe, able to get an insert to quite it down though. Having an older bike you are kinda of limited in the aftermarket world. I sometimes have trouble finding stuff for my 01. If all else fails you maybe be able to find something on ebay. I don't know if the 93 wr silencers came with spark arestor. That maybe an option too. I think those bikes were pretty much the same bike frame wise.

DB snorkel & exhaust pipe wrap on the stock midpipe!

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