Suspension clicker guidance?

So I have a yz250f and I grew up riding bikes with terrible suspension (ttrs) so I honestly have no idea what a good suspension should feel like? I am just looking for guidance on my clicker settings. Pretty much right now I am backed out on the preload and rebound on my rear shock and forks. But I am asking because I am 120lb guy. Should I have the preload backed out much more? I understand I can just adjust the rebound to how I like but how much should my preload be backed out? I ride trails but I like to be able to hit whoops hard (lots of them where I ride) but I dont know how soft I should make my suspension. I am just asking for a ballpark. 

If you're only 120lbs you need the right springs for your bike before you even mess with the rest.

All your clickers do is adjust the bleed past the base and mid valve.  This has some effect on how firm or plush the suspension feels but won't do much to really change the way the suspension works.  They have the greatest effect on low speed damping. 


The one clicker that has the greatest effect is the shock rebound.  This adjustment has to be pretty close.  Too slow on the rebound and the rear end will pack up and make the rear end very harsh.  Too little damping and it will feel very springy.  It should be in the 8-12 click range.  Get that right at set your sag and that's the best you can really do.  You can mess with the clickers on the shock compression and fork comp and rebound but they won't have a huge effect.  I often run the fork compression adjustment out further than stock for a nice plush feel.  The fork rebound should be in the 10-12 click range. 

Excellent post! Took me a long time to learn and trust adjusting the rebound. First instinct is to adjust comp but it is very often the wrong choice.

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Obviously I know how to adjust the clickers. I don't know how much change I should have with them considering my weight.

Experimentation is free, try anything you want, it can't hurt anything. But listen to Mog, at your weight you probably need lighter springs. Wasting your time till you get the springs right.

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