Baja 70 wont idle

I got a blown up baja from a friend for free the cylinder was okay i honed it out and it looked great new piston and head gasket. Cleaned the carb, new oil. It runs... but wont idle i can ride it around my backyard without issue but it will die when i let off the throttle ive cranked up the idle as high as it will go and ive played with just about every fuel setting but it wont work. I checked the plug and it is running a little bit rich to about perfect ratio. i replaced all gaskets and orings what could it be?

Hone or bore? It may not get enough fuel to stay at a steady pace on its own

First rule of Chinese engine, make sure the valves aren't tight.

Second rule of Chinese engine, don't be afraid to toss the stock carburetor. Decent replacements can be had for $25, really good ones can be had for under $50.

Since the engine was apart you should also double check the basics. Make sure compression is good, make sure cam timing is right.

It has great compression if i take the slack out of the throttle cable it can idle really rough though. Then it has a terrible hanging throttle

Go with a cheap carb off eBay like happy any said don't be scared to chuck it there really cheap and you can get better performance in some cases

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