2016 350 XC-F flame out, FWW/ECU remap?

Hey all, i'm 99% of the way to pulling the trigger on a 2016 350 XC-F, but have one main niggling thing i want to (make sure) i can adress before buying the bike.


I've heard and read in from  heaps of places the XC-F tend's to like flaming out when riding single track, are there any options to have the bike remapped to help with this?


and also, does anyone know if there are FWW's available for them yet? i see stealthy aren't going them yet for the 2016's, anyone else doing them?


I've found a nice secondhand 2016 350XC-F for sale close-ish to me for 10k AUS (they retail for 12.5k here, plus dealer delivery and rego (yes in my state in Australia they're registerable :D), end's up near the 14k mark)

whoops, wrong forum :/ will repost in the XC-F section

I rode an xcf briefly and it had a very light flywheel and very tall first gear, like an MX bike. I'm sure this contributes to making it easy to stall. You can try mapping changes and tweaking the TPS, but I think the other issues I just mentioned are the main cause. A flywheel weight or auto clutch would surely help a lot, and making sure the idle isn't too low.

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