16 450 FE map setting help

Probable a stupid questions but i just bought a 2016 FE 450 and in the book they say what the switch that has the 1 and 2 lines on it on the handlebar does and the dial in the air box does but im having trouble understanding it still, can anyone explain, thanks 

Congrats on the new bike! Position 1(I) on the handlebar is ALWAYS standard. Position 2(II) is whatever you have the dial in the air of set to. The dial in the air box has a white triangle where you can line up the map you want. Thing is the only maps available are soft which is position 1 and advanced which is position 2. Settings 3 thru 9 and 0 are all standard maps. Hope that helps. Pull the rubber booty off that dial in the air box, hopefully you have good eyes!

so what the best setting to have it on for the best results i did add a twin air cage for better air flow...thanks 

Don't expect much.. But 2 is it

what about the dial in the air box

It's all in the owners manual. Admittedly a touch ambiguous.

what about the dial in the air box


Both on 2.. then 1 on the bars would be stock. 2 on the bars aggressive.


If on 1 on airbox dial, then 1 would be stock, 2 would be soft on the dial as I understand it.

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