DR650 not starting when cold

I'm having some trouble since getting my 2006 DR650 out for summer. I started it a couple time during winter and it started fine when I got it out a week ago. I rode for 100 km just fine, as always. Then I parked it and after 2-3 hours got back on it, no way to start it. I gave up and came back later and managed to push start it (after my dad put gas on the spark plugs), drove it home just fine and parked it. I even stalled and managed to start it again just fine. Couple hours later, no way to start it. I put new spark plugs in and did the same trick with gas on the spark plug but it still took about 20 tries of push start before it started. I then drove it 75 km straight to the mechanic shop before I needed a tow. I let it rest for 20-30 minutes and it still started fine. It seems I can start it when it's hot but VERY hardly when it's cold. 


I am very confident it is not an electric problem since I can hear the motor try to start and I even feel air coming out of the exhaust and it smells gas. Could it be something other than the carburetor? I don't feel confident taking it apart, it seems quite complicated.


Thanks for the help! 

Warm bikes start easier than cold bikes.  How old is your battery?  Might be time to buy a new battery and a battery tender.  Try using a low amp charger and give it a few hours to charge up, or try jumping it without adding gas down the plug hole.  If it fires up right away then that's telling you that it's time for a new battery (and a tender).


I personally "always" have my DR plugged into a battery tender.  I never know how long it's going to sit before the next ride, the battery tender is just insurance for knowing that the battery will always be ready when I am.

I don't know how old the battery is, but at least 2 years old. I'm not sure what you mean by battery tender but the previous owner had installed a connector to plug the battery in a special adaptor plugged in the wall. The DR spent the winter plugged in and I always plug it about twice a month during summer and I ride it every day.


My dad tried to boost it with my car (even though I told him I was pretty sure it was a bad idea) and the DR still wouldn't start even though it was still plugged to the car. I could feel air/gas coming out of the exhaust.

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