2011 Beta EVO 250 Parts

Took my beloved 2011 Beta EVO 250  apart last night and found out what that grinding noise was. Looks like I need a new crank, bearings, and top end as well as all the gaskets kits that go along with the re-build.


I live in BC in Canada and I am having a heck of a time finding parts. I am wondering if anyone on the forum might be able to recommend a place in in Canada or the US where I can source these parts. Everything I have found is out of Italy and worth as much as the bike. With the dollar the way it is right now I would really like to source them out of Canada.

I would take the crank to a shop and just have it rebuilt. IMO better than the aftermarket options. Top end kit? Hmm have you tried the dealers in your area? I usually try to get chummy with an employee or two, and you can sometimes get some advice or tips on where to find the scarce stuff.

Is it 4t or 2t?

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