Ktm 530 broken gear lever, screw stuck inside gear shaft thread

So my gear lever broke off earlier today when I shifted into neutral. Thankfully it was just as I was putting my bike away, and not when I was out riding.

The issue I have is that the screw had snapped, so half of the screw is inside the gear shaft (I think that's what it's called) where the gear lever is attached and the other half has obviously broken off.

My concern is how I'm going to get this screw out? I don't want to open the engine up to replace the shaft, because quite frankly I don't have the practical experience of doing so and I'm not comfortable with doing it quite yet.

Secondly, I don't have money to play with right now so I can't afford to pay somebody who is more mechanically competent to do it for me.

I was suggested to either use a dremel tool to drill a small hole in the centre of the screw, and then fit a small piece of metal in that slot and slowly twist it out with some pliers; or, I could have the gear lever welded onto the shaft.

I'm not sure how well the first option would work, and I'm concerned about welding the shifter onto the shaft, because I won't be able to take it off if I ever need to (give me some scenarios where I'd have to remove my gear lever?)

Does anybody have any ideas or recommendations about this? I've attached a few pictures if it helps:






I would suggest drilling a hole in the bolt & using a Easy Out of the correct size to remove the broken piece. Prior to attempting to remove it though I would give it a thorough soaking of WD40 for 24 hours. This is what an Easy Out looks like. Cheers & good luck.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461281216.329536.jpg

Welding the lever to the shaft is a terrible idea.  The heat from the welding will likely damage the shaft seal and you won't have any way of replacing it.


EZ-Outs are fine tools for this operation but the trick is getting your hole drilled precisely enough in the center of the broken screw.  The end of the broken bolt is uneven so it's difficult to get a drill to start on center and not drift off to one side.  If your hole drifts too much to the point where it intersects with the threads in the shift shaft hole, it will lock them together and make it almost impossible to remove the broken screw.  About the largest hole you will want to drill is about 1/8" diameter.  MAKE SURE that you don't break the drill or the EZ-Out off in the hole or you might as well throw the shaft away.


I'm not sure if the shaft can be removed from the engine by removing the RH side cover and maybe the clutch basket but if it can then that is the best way to get a good job done when trying to remove the broken screw.  Once the shaft is removed it can easily be fixtured on a mill, an accurate hole can be drilled and an EZ-Out  (or my favorite trick is to use a LH drill bit).  You will need to heat the shaft a bit before you try to remove the screw with the EZ-Out to soften the Loctite that should be on the screw.  Your other option at this point would be to simply buy a new shaft but that will probably be a lot more expensive than having the bolt removed.


If you don't have confidence that you can drill the hole properly it would be best to take the bike to someone who can.


Welding isn't an option anyway as the shaft is steel and lever is aluminum.

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Use reverse drill bits, so that as you drill the hole, the broken stud might unscrew out. Will need to get some heat on the shaft to loosen the Loctite. 


If you can't get the broken bolt end out, it's a $70 part plus the $27 clutchcover gasket

I was noticing there is like 3 washers in between the bolt and the shaft (oem).   Did this aftermarket shifter have any relation in snapping the bolt head?

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Hi all, thanks for the replies. The drill method seems to be the way to go in this case then; but this is a real pain in the arse. I'll take a look at those EZ out tools to see if they can get the job done.

Other than that; If I have to replace the shaft, is there any way of knowing if I can do it through the clutch basket without actually doing it? Do you think that kind of information would be in the manual or would I need help from somebody who knows the ins & outs of this model of bike?

Thanks for the info anyway guys, if I get it out I'll update the thread and let you know what I did to remove it.

Thats sucks have been there but not this application, anyway the key to easy out is heat expands the metal and should come right out

It's easy to replace the shift shaft. Remove the clutch cover ( the inner not the outer cover). The gasket will most likely tear when removed so order a replacement at the same time. The shaft should slide right out.

It's easy to replace the shift shaft. Remove the clutch cover ( the inner not the outer cover). The gasket will most likely tear when removed so order a replacement at the same time. The shaft should slide right out.


Thanks for the comment, I'll keep that in mind if I ever need to in the future. For now though, I've manage to sort it out :-)


I drilled a small hole in the center of the screw with a dremel tool. I then went and bought some screw extractor screws (i think they are the same as EZ outs) from screwfix for £3.99.

I put one of the screw extractors into the center hole of the screw and used a drill to rotate it counter clockwise. The screw came right out, so I'm very pleased about that.


I have to note though, that this method isn't working on some other screws that are stuck in my bashplate, so it seems quite temperamental. I'm just happy it worked this time :)

I've attached some pictures of the little bugger





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