'98 Husky TC/TE 610

Found an older but very clean and low hours Husky 610 TC with TE 5 speed and lights. 


Its not running but selling pretty cheap.  Do these have any collector value yet?


Would it make a good general purpose play bike?



Do these have any collector value yet?


Would it make a good general purpose play bike?





No and yes.   


I really like these bikes..  Lots of good usable power and really fun for trails and desert.  Imo they are very reliable.  The only issues I've seen apart from normal wear and tear is magnets falling off of the flywheel.  Not sure how common that is..  Also more than once I've seen the cam sprocket bolts work loose and do damage to the engine.  If it were me I'd torque them down good with red loc-tite.  

Thanks Rot Box.  Thinking about buying for my son who is 18 and a beginner, but worried that it is too much bike for him. 


Does anyone know what they weigh?  Can't seem to find the specs on this bike on line.

Did you end up getting the bike? I've been watching its listing for updates.

No, I decided it would be too much for my son.

Ended up getting him a 2002 Kawasaki KLX300R. Its a nice bike - really smooth suspension and quick steering. Not a ton of power, but probably plenty for him to learn on.

I can send you the Craig's listing for the Husky if you are interested (North of Detroit). I would like to buy it but I just bought a Honda XR650R for me and the Kawa for my son and my wife would kill me if I bought the Husky.

Hahaha. I have the listing saved, I've just been trying to find out if he still has the bike for sale. And is that Klx300 the one that was for sale like a week ago with two sets of tires? I was eyeing that bike since I prefere Kawasaki. I currently have a 2000 Yamaha xt225 with the z1 mod, it goes but in need of something with more balls.

Hey KWM65,

No, the one I bought was in Washington TWP, MI. Only one set of tires unfortunately. My son likes it though. We went "Up North" last weekend to the St. Helen area. Got in some good two tracks and lots of sand riding.

If you are looking to trade up you might want to look at the Yamaha WR250 or 450. They have lots of power. I have the WR426 as my dirt bike (the Honda is set up for Supermoto, and the WR Yamaha kicks butt.

I looked at a TTR250 for my son, but decided he would soon outgrow it. Check out the KLX, if you are into Kawa's I think you would like it.

Yeah, I'm looking for a Kawasaki klx400-450, or one of the old klx650's( I want to get a Kawasaki but I got the xt225 for a great deal).I found that husky 610 and liked the look of it and specs of it, but the kbb value is like $1400 running, and the owner doesn't know why it ain't running.

Yea, its hard to tell on one like that when it's not running.  Might just be the carb is gummed up with old fuel, and it might be that someone blew the engine.  If it has compression, it can probably be fixed.  It could get pricey pretty quick though if you are not mechanically inclined.


What is he really looking to get out of it - did you talk to him?  I might buy it if it is cheap enough. 


Good luck finding a bike.  Seems like every one I found they wanted more than Blue Book for it. 

I am mechanically inclined to a point, and he was asking $1700 for it in non-running state. Where kbb said $1500 in mint/running condition. I want to get it perhaps, but if he where to respond back I'd be able to find out more info. It would be a cool bike to have.

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