Found a crack!

So I purchased a 2004 crf250r about 3 months ago. I thought I looked it over pretty well when I bought it but recently I was giving a good old fashioned cleaning, like really detailing, and I found this crack on the left side case where the clutch lever/actuator is. It's hairline and not leaking but I am curious to know if anyone else has seen this or knows if this is common or perhaps just dumb luck for me.

FYI, the bike runs like a champ and I'm happy with it just a little nervous about this crack. I have heard that JB weld could be used but I think I would rather just get a new case and prolly end up doing a full rebuild. It's only my backup bike/ loaner to friends and family so I'm in no hurry to dump a bunch of ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461284821.482510.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461284835.580406.jpgmoney into it.

Weird place for a crack (and its the vertical hair line looking thing ?) and it just might be a case casting mark.


IMO if it's not leaking I would not worry about BUT you could clean the area and put  a bit of 2 part JB Weld on it just cus.


As well its the left side inner case and lots of work and $$$ to fix something that's not really broken


Otherwise someone else may chime in.

Looks like a casting flaw to me. Unless its leaking, leave it.

 if you really want to know if it is a crack or a casting mark remove the sprocket and chain guard and use a fine grit sandpaper and sand it down a touch.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I may try sanding it a little and see what that reveals, just to satisfy my curiosity. Like some suggested if it isn't leaking I'm not gonna worry to much. This bike won't see much action as an extra/loaner.

NZGSR is correct.  It is a casting defect.  It is not a crack.  My 2007 CRF250X has the exact same flaw and so does my brother in law's 2004 CRF250R.

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