Help with Valve Clearance/Adjustment

Hello, so I'm new to the forums, I recently bought an 03 klx400 and have had nothing but issues so far. Already replaced the stator with a ricky stator, the previous owner did the 3x3 mod, but didn't jet the carb  :mellow:  so I installed the jd jet kit and now its slow to return to idle. Now I opened it up to check the valve clearances since I have the bike torn down. By reading the drz valve clearance check and adjustment thread on here I'm a little concerned. I posted some pictures and I am at TDC, the lobes are at 10 and 2 O'clock but the cam sprockets are not in the same position as stated in the thread.  Also, the left intake valve is at about .30 mm which is a decent bit out of spec. the other three are around the middle of spec.  So my main concern is the intake cam that seems to be in the wrong position.




20160421_192732 (1).jpg

Couldn't find the diagram I envision in my head, but...are the cams reversed? IN -EX?

Any other marks on the cam gears?

Both cams are @ tdc , its all good ,

Sprocket on the intake looks odd.

Hmm, interesting.  The lobes appear to be approximately in the right place but he marks on the IN cam are definitely off.  If the IN cam was actually out that much, the motor would not be running.  One possible reason for a valve to have excessive clearance is if it is bent.


Notice on the cam there are marks (not the sprocket, the cam shaft itself) there are marks that like up with the head surface.  I speculate the sprocket slipped on the cam and a previous owner timed the cams by estimating the correct position.  Probably wise to replace the IN cam.  It is also possible the IN valve was damaged at some point when the cam sprocket slipped.  To check that preform a cylinder lead down test.  Even it is not a true leak down test, air in the cylinder will tell you if it is leaking out an intake valve.

Yeah .. Listen to the expert ^^

I don't see any thing on the actual cams that say IN/EX, maybe if i fully remove them. Would there be any other symptoms if the cam was bent? like excessive vibrations or anything of that nature? it seemed to be running fine minus the hung idle is most likely a vacuum leak. I did notice what to me sounded like a lot of valve noise in the form of ticking which is what lead me to do the clearance check to begin with but I'm not super familiar with these motors so I don't know how much valve noise is common. How do I go about doing a cylinder lead down test? 

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